I love this outfit, it is just so sexy with the leather skirt, suspenders, and white buttons down blouse. I try to act all smart and sexy but we all know what I am really here for… to get down and dirty!! I can't wait any longer and I soon bring our my toy and begin to have some real fun. Who really wants to read books anyway? Click here to see more!!

This dress is so sexy and really knows how to hug all of my curves. It really reminds me of a Jessica Rabbit type dress, what do you think? Plus take a look at those super high heels! This dress doesn't stay on for long though and soon I am spreading it on the floor! Click here to see more!!

Ok so I went grocery shopping for something that I wasn't going to end up cooking and eating. You know that joke to keep the zucchinis away from the girls? Well I proved that saying true by getting a nice long vegetable and masturbating with it. Who knew a piece of food could be so pleasurable! Click here to see more!!

0902 Feeling Blue!

Sometimes I go to my dads farm and spend sometime trying new outfits I buy, sexy! I have many secret spots where I can do naughty things, lol. You all know how horny I get trying new sexy outfits and it didn’t take me long to start playing with myself. It’s a rush knowing that I can get caught doing this, I love it! Click here to see more!!

0829 Cheerleader!

I was enjoying a beautiful day wearing my cheerleader outfit by the patio fountain. Such a nice an quiet day to relax and meditate…who am I kidding, lol. I was so horny I couldn't hide it any more so I started rubbing my body nice and slowly followed by some friendly fingers inside of my wet pussy. Well after some great fun with my fingers all over and inside my body, I decided it was time for some toy time! I can never be caught without one, I love them so much. Not as a much as real dick though, but I really enjoy how it feels when I have toy in my tight little ass. I am just so addicted to anal. I am sure you are ok with it right? Click here to see more!

0815 Squirting!

I heard from lots of my members that you love to see a pussy squirt! Well as you may see sometimes when I cum really hard I squirt all over the place! This was one of those days.. I was feeling so horny and you can for sure see how much I was able to pleasure myself! Click here to see more!

Hi guys. I hate to be emotional and mushy and all the things guys hate about chicks but I really need to take a moment out to say thank you SOOOO much for your overwhelming response to my pictures and blog! I’m still pretty new to the whole internet website thing and your amazing words, super hot emails, love letters, panty packages and suggestions for what you want to see and have me do have been awesome! I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally but since I can’t I want to give you something really special in this photo set. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I’m going to keep this blog short and sweet. I’ll start it out by saying I just got out of a steaming hot shower and I have nothing but a robe on. It’s all white so my tattoos really pop against it. In the shower the warm water was hitting my clit in just the right was to get me all wet and worked up. I wanted cock in the worst way so I pulled out a dildo that I save for very special occasions. Its rather large and I have to be super wet to accommodate it. I happen to have a very tight pussy so I have to work a big cock really slow but once I’m open I can take it really hard. That’s all I’ll give away here. I’m holding my cards close on this one so if you want to see what I have in my hand, you’ll have to log on and peek for yourself! Click here to see more!!

0801 Voyear Cam!

I was having some fun on the computer webcamming with some fans and little did I know that someone was spying on me! I hope you enjoyed the view from both sides, hehe. Click here to see more!

I like to fuck with people. It’s part of what makes me such an awesome poker player. You have to learn how to lead people on and make them think they know ya then shock them with something from out of left field, like holding a royal flush. I know I can look sweet and innocent when I wear a cute sundress or something but if people get a look at my Lady Luck tattoo across my fingers it totally throws them for a loop. It’s like they look at me with this face that says you are so sweet and innocent what are the tattoos all about? If only they knew I was tearing up the internet by posing nude and fucking myself with large dildos and vibrators! So for today’s shoot I play up that duality in me. I put on this cute little dress that screams take me out for a movie and popcorn but underneath I have on these sexy print and lace panties that scream pull me aside and fuck me in the backseat of your car. Granted it’s not in a car, but I do pull my panties over and fuck myself with a big vibrator for you in this shoot. Stick with me guys because I guarantee you I’ll always keep you guessing as to what I’ll do next! Life is to short for boring! Fuck yea! Click here to see more!

0718 Outside Tease

I love the outdoors, especially to have fun in! It was so nice outside so I thought it would be the perfect day to spread my lips and get out some pent up sexual tension I had building up hehe. Girls loves accessories, and that includes cool looking dildos! They have to look cute and also feel good! I love this silver dildo, its the perfect width for my tight pussy and I cum so easily on it, as you see! Click here to see more!

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